Saturday, May 24, 2008

Israel Trip!

The following are the hotels that we will be staying at while in Israel! You can leave comments to this post and I will try to check in periodically during the trip.

Students: Have a great time while I am gone! Post your questions to the comment area on this post. Okay?

Evening of May 26 through morning of May 28
Le Meridian Hotel Dead Sea
Ph: 011 972-8-659-1234

Evening of May 28 through morning of May 31
Gai Beach Hotel Tiberias
Ph: 011 972-4-670-0700

Evening of May 31 through evening of June 4
Regency Hotel Jerusalem
Ph: 011 972-2-533-1234

Monday, May 19, 2008

Whittier School

This is an exciting week for school. The students only have ten days left until summer break. They are very excited and happy to be going to sixth grade. It doesn't seem possible that the year is over. We have been taking a lot of pictures but can't post them here at the blog.

As I look back over our work on blogs and wikis, we have made many successes but have had some hardships. A lot of images and websites are blocked so the students had to work from home. The wiki was very helpful as a place they could store their information then transfer it once they were home.

We used audacity, an avatar, cameras, and many Microsoft products. We built slide show presentations, audio recordings of stories for Young Authors, many word documents, brochures, and recorded using an avatar. It was an interesting year.

The biggest accomplishment was the use of Class Blogmeister and getting the students to blog from home. That was really interesting and very hard to encourage. Once students are home in their own world, it was very difficult to get them to work on blogging. It would take weeks to get a blog post. Once they got use to checking at home, we were off and running.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Students don't forget about our wikis that we have been building all year. I look forward to your participation this summer. Your names will be removed as of the end of June. Let's keep in contact through

School Year is Ending!

As the school year's ending, I can see that many of the students have learned a lot about using computers. It seems their favorite thing to do is write stories and plays.

I am hoping that the students will keep in contact with this blog throughout the summer. Since they will be at home, many of the items won't be blocked. It will be interesting to see how many students keep in touch.

The comments area will be a vital part of our summer contact. We will use that area to communicate back and forth.

Students, what do you think....???? Will you be contacting this blog this summer?
Why or Why not?

What is a key Fob?

We now have Key Fobs at Whittier School.

A Key Fob is used to unlock doors electronically,,sid14_gci795968,00.html

From now on the doors at Whittier School will be locked. If students are coming to school early because they are working with various teachers, they need to ring the bell to get in. Otherwise, they will not find the doors unlocked.

Key Fobs are for the students safety.

Revolutionary War Games!

Here is a board game created by my students! What a fantastic way to learn about any content area.
We have been working on Revolutionary War games and using the QAR strategy for designing the board game questions. QAR is writing questions that require answers that are right there, think and search, or the book and me. The students sat down to play their games and found out that it was pretty exciting. Some didn't realize they had learned so much while others were figuring out what the Revolutionary War was all about.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Marquee in Lights!

What is this? Use Google to research the name of these new ways to advertise! What is it called? How does it work? Costs?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Learning about Comments!

For day 3 of the 31 Day Comment Challenge, the activity was to acquire a comment tracking service. Well, I was ahead of the game. I had read Sue Water's post on co.mments and have been using it.

Now the challenge will be to use co.mments more often.

Technorati Tags

Listen to this article

Listen to this article

Comment Challenge for May 2008

Blogging is more than creating a Website to place important ideas, opinions, concerns, and information. There is a second part to blogging that is equally important. It is the comments.

Part I Blogs:

It is very exciting to create a blog with all of the widgets and images. Eventually the creator of the blog becomes very satisfied with the look and feel of their pages because of personal preferences and fondness. In fact, if you’re looking for a place to start a blog, then consider Blogger, Wordpress, or edublogs.

Part II Comments:

It is very important to read blogs written by others and post comments or write responses to what you have read. Let the author of the blog know how you feel about the topic that was written.

Sometimes you will read blogs that are of high interest to you or other times you want to read to gather more information about a topic. It doesn’t matter why you decide to read the blog. What matters is if you take the time to comment.

Many times I spend my mornings reading blog after blog never commenting. I wanted to change this so I have joined the 31 Day Comment Challenge. I will be forcing myself to take the time to comment to blogs I read.

Here a link to the Daily Activities on the 31 Day Comment Challenge.

Technorati Tags

Listen to this article

Listen to this article

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Internet Games!

What is your favorite Internet game?

Please provide a short statement describing why you like the game and provide the URL for the game.

Make sure you are connecting with games that are safe and respectful.

First Day of May!

First of May represents a lot of things to different people. For me, it means the end of the school year. Here we have only a month left of school where students and teachers are tired from all the stress of testing.

Time for a change in atmosphere:

This is a time of year to relax and enjoy our students. Change the atmosphere in the classroom...clean house and let the students find respectable, safe games to play.

Try playing different Games at Have students check out these games and write short critiques on what they like and dislike about the games. If asked, I think the students will even come up with different game sites that they could recommend.