Friday, October 30, 2009


What a great and amazing time of year....Fall or Autumn. We were driving along and came upon this scene and had to take a picture. It represents what I like to think as Fall. It is a beautiful time of year and with all the rain this year, the leaf colors are brilliant. It is a time to reflect as the year draws to a close.
Halloween is tomorrow, Thanksgiving in about three weeks, and then, of course, the Christmas season.....Time goes really fast. I remember my uncles and aunts saying that as you get older time flies. Boy, is that true. I can remember a time when I took all day to clean house and I mean I cleaned the whole house. Now, the day goes by so fast that I took all day to clean house meaning that I cleaned the refrigerator out....too funny.

Look at those leaves! Kicking up work with cutting tree limbs and raking leaves.....This was really work, but we truly enjoyed being outside with the fresh air and sun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cell Phones Become Learning Tools | | The Ledger | Lakeland, FL

 Here is a school that is not afraid to let their High School Students use cell phones and personal computers as learning toolsThe students are using them in the their classes....

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Listening - Principles of Successful Blogging #1

  • If you are interested in blogging, here are some tips from that has been blogging since 2002..
    • Listening - Principles of Successful Blogging #1
    • Listen to the culture of the blogosphere
    • Listen for where your potential readers are gathering
    • Listen to what others in your niche are saying
      • My own monitoring of my niches generally happens in two ways:

        1. Subscribing to Feeds of Key Sources of Information - these days most sites have some way of subscribing to them, usually via an RSS feed.
    • 2. Keyword Alerts -
    • Recommendation Sites -
    • Twitter -
    • Listen to what is being said about you
    • Create Listening Spaces on Your Blog
    • Listen to the Questions Your Readers are Asking
    • Listen to what is working (and what isn’t)
      • Some places to start include:

        • What posts are being read most?
        • What posts are generating good conversation/comments?
        • What posts are being linked to by others most?
        • How are readers using your design? (use a tool like CrazyEgg to create a heatmap)
        • What days of the week are people reading your site most on? What times of the day?
        • What pages are people ‘bouncing’ from your site on (bounce rate shows how many people arrive on your blog and immediately leave)
        • What posts are people spending most (and least) time on?
        • What posts are you getting most negative feedback on?
    • How else do you Listen in your blogging?

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Langwitches Blog » Blogging with Elementary School Students

Blogging for Elementary School Students:
Here is an excellent article and I love the statement "Blogging is one way of linking writing, reading, and connecting information and learning together" that Silvia Tolisano makes in her blog....

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Social Learning

5 Great Social Learning Resources

Social Learning Models - Social Media In Learning

Jane Hart wrote about 3 social learning models involving technology...
1. The wrap-around model
2. Integrated Model
3. Collaboration Model...

In my opinion, the best model for schools is the collaboration model where students work together to create the project.

Check out Jane Hart's blog; it is full of good information for teachers and students.
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    • Social Learning Models

      When I help organisations understand how to incorporate social media into their formal e-learning content to create formal social learning, I explain this can be done in 3 different ways as shown in this slide from a presentation I use:

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Monday, October 5, 2009


Fall is here and it looks beautiful. The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin farms are on the rise, and people are buying STUFF for Halloween. Where did the summer go?
It seems like yesterday it was the first day of spring, now it is fall. Along with this change in weather comes raking leaves and cleaning gardens and basically getting ready for winter.
Don't forget to take pictures of the leaves changing before they are all on the ground.

From Pritchard's Press

From Pritchard's Press