Friday, October 30, 2009


What a great and amazing time of year....Fall or Autumn. We were driving along and came upon this scene and had to take a picture. It represents what I like to think as Fall. It is a beautiful time of year and with all the rain this year, the leaf colors are brilliant. It is a time to reflect as the year draws to a close.
Halloween is tomorrow, Thanksgiving in about three weeks, and then, of course, the Christmas season.....Time goes really fast. I remember my uncles and aunts saying that as you get older time flies. Boy, is that true. I can remember a time when I took all day to clean house and I mean I cleaned the whole house. Now, the day goes by so fast that I took all day to clean house meaning that I cleaned the refrigerator out....too funny.

Look at those leaves! Kicking up work with cutting tree limbs and raking leaves.....This was really work, but we truly enjoyed being outside with the fresh air and sun.

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