Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flat World After All!

Flat World After All!

Flat World or It's a Small World are two concepts that I experienced today. With my brother having cancer, going to different doctors, having tests run, having surgery on lymph nodes, and then, coming home from the hospital, I was able to reach my very large family and many friends quickly by using Facebook, twitter, a cell phone, and email. I have made many contacts with Family and Friends through  Facebook. By updating my status, I keep the whole family updated on what's going on. I use Twitter to feed information into Facebook.
Since Facebook is blocked at school where I work, I use my phone to send messages to Twitter which in turn directs the status updates to Facebook. This has been very useful to me because there are times when I need to pass information on and no computers are available. For example, when I hear news through my cell phone while driving or I am at the hospital and want to update people, I can simple text twitter and everyone is updated. Using Twitter and the cell phone, worked marvelously.
The cell phone has been wonderful for keeping in contact through texting. I have a large number of minutes that I pay for each month, but it is worth it because I can text when unable to actually take the time to call. Email is still "in" with me. I have several nieces and nephews that I email and enjoy talking. Some of my brothers still do not have email, texting, or computers so the nieces and nephews will call them and keep them informed. It doesn't really matter how I get the messages through as long as my eight brothers and extended families get the messages.

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