Saturday, September 27, 2008

Family Pix

Above is a link to my family pictures. I use Picasa web albums supplied by google. In my opinion, one of the best email providers is google which is gmail. Google has many resources that are wonderful to use. All my pictures on my blogs are stored at picasa automatically.

I use picasa to share my pictures with family and friends. You can easily download any or all of the pictures I have placed on my account.


Turbo Tagger

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easy Graphic Converter

Easy Graphic Converter is a program I use for converting and resizing graphics. Students will be learning how to use this program so they can add images to their blogs. Many times websites take a long time to load because the graphics are large, so we will be reducing the size of our images. In this way, our blogs will load quicker and easier.

Turbo Tagger

Working on Classblogmeister!

Today the students "logged" in to Classblogmeister and were able to post their first stories, comments, opinions, or concerns on a variety of topics.

Classblogmeister is set on private so if parents are wanting to see what this is all about we will show you at parent/teacher conferences in November.

Students will be using their blogs as diaries; posting articles on a variety of topics.

We will keep you updated.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


September is here and it is hard to believe that Open House is over! We had quite a turn out of parents and grandparents attending. There was a lot of excitement with students and families all over the room talking and exchanges ideas about the different displays in the classroom.

Classblogmeister will be set up this coming week. I am interested in having all students writing in their blogs. It will be a great journaling experience for them. We will be working on vocabulary, collaboration, and cooperative learning activities.

Looking forward to setting this up and making it happen.