Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Informal Survey on Technology

It is always interesting to read what students think about school and what they consider their favorite “thing to do” regarding technology. So, I surveyed my students to find out:

1. What was their favorite “thing” to do in the media center or in tech class. They are as follows:

  • Creating brochures
  • Working on the newspaper
  • Typing Stories
  • Working on Wikis and blogs
  • Coming in the early morning to write stories and put on the blog so everyone can read it.
  • Reading about the Wright brothers and making the report
  • Working with partners on brochures
  • Writing plays

2. What was the one thing they felt they learned the most about?

  • I learned to type better now.
  • I learned how to write stories because I wrote a lot.
  • I learned about Wikis and blogs.
  • While doing brochures, I learned different ways to post pictures.
  • I learned how to type a story on PowerPoint.
  • I learned you can make your own blog.
  • I learned to put my stories on our wiki.
  • I learned to copy and paste, work with WordArt, how to change backgrounds, and how to make brochures.
  • I learned how to print on both sides of the paper.
  • I learned to use the Internet properly.
  • I learned computers are slow.

3. What would you like to learned in the next school year?

  • How to make my own Website?
  • Learn to make an Avatar.
  • Be able to write faster on the computer.
  • Make a 3-D shape.
  • Learn more stuff.
  • I want to learn how to track people down on the computer.
  • Learn how to build a robot.
  • Learn about how the computer works.
  • Learn more about Wikis.
  • How to build a video game.


Jesse said...

while reading this article I realized that as a clss, we did alot of things on the computer together wich helped us learn alot about computers. I am sure that what we learned this year will help us alot through life.

nancy_perez555 said...

Woah! I never thought about it but we learned a lot of things about computers this year! I hope I learned a little more about publisher! =)

princesasox said...

i can't beleive that the school year is almost over and we soo much about computers like : we learned about brochures, the newspaper and like a whole bunch of other things. i new we do like regular stuff but i never thought that we could learn more than alot. now when if i have like powerpoint and brochure homework i wouldn't have to ask an adult cause i would already know about it.

Hayley said...

I never thought about how much we learned and did! Mrs. Pritchard is a good tech teacher. She really had us active and involved in the computer. If I wasn't in this class I wouldn't know as much as I do now about the computer, honestly. I am sooooo glad I was in Mrs. Pritchard's class.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the people that wanted to make their own website and I still want to. The reason why I want to make my own website is because, when ever I go to a website I always wonder "cool, I want to make my own website".

nancy_perez555 said...

I agree with Julliana it must be cool to have youre own website!

princesasox said...

i want to learn about to write the newspaper. I want to learn how to do that because i think that is so cool. i would also want to learn how to make my own website caus ewhat my crazy cousins do it would make every viewer crake up so badly. i know that cause i know i always do an dso do my aunts and grandparents.